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Interview with Chris Davis of Stone Broken

Rising hard rock act, Stone Broken, are setting the scene alight at present with the release of their single Stay All Night, taken from their debut album, All In Time – out on Friday 29th January.

So we found some time to put some questions to guitarist, Chris Davis, to get the lowdown from those Rock Warriors of Walsall.


So to most of our readers Stone Broken will be a band they have yet to discover. Please give us an insight into the origins of Stone Broken.

We are basically a combination of two bands coming together, Rich & Robyn were in a band as were Kie and I, so the ingredients were there, they just hadn’t found their perfect recipe (ha!) until we all got together to form Stone Broken.

Where does the name come from?

The name came from when the band was starting up. We all sat down together and discussed what we’d need to get the band functioning, such as equipment and recordings, etc. After we tallied everything up we made a joke saying ‘man, after this first year we’re going to be stone broke’. We thought why not call our band Stone Broke, but that didn’t quite sound right, so we played around with it a little and thus Stone Broken was born. Its a reflection of us having no money :-)

Tell us a little bit about your sound and your influences.

All four members of the band have varied influences but we all like hard rock bands such as Black Stone Cherry, Alter Bridge, Theory of a Deadman. I suppose our sound reflects the hard rock genre, with heavy riffs and huge drums but also catchy choruses that everyone can sing along to.

A lot of our readers are musicians themselves and you’ve recently signed a management deal. That’s a big step for a band with just one EP under their belts. So share with us the change that has brought to
the band.

Yes its been a big but positive step for us. We reached a point where we didn’t know which paths to take and how to take the band to the next level. When we discussed maybe finding management we all agreed that it had to be the right person, we wanted someone who was going to push us and take us out of our comfort zone, along with also having the experience and contacts to help us get to where we want to be. We eventually settled on signing with Peter Keevil of TMR Band Services and its really going well.

We’ve seen that you have announced your debut album, All In Time. What’s the story behind this?

Well we entered the studio in mid 2014 to record our debut EP The Crow Flies, which we then released in October of that year. The EP was well received and helped us to get a good local fan base and some radio air play. As 2015 came around we wanted to get back into the studio and record some new music, we would have loved to record our debut album then, but funds were tight so we decided to record another five songs and release them as a second EP. When we got the songs back, we were really happy with the results, but it just happened that we made a playlist of the songs from both EPs and they just screamed out to be an album. So instead of having two EP’s we had all the songs remastered to bring them in-line sonically and are releasing them as our debut album, All In Time.

Which tracks should our readers look out for?

I think there will be something for everyone in there. The two we have produced videos for – Let Me Go and Stay All Night – are definitely ones to look our for; they’re both full on hard rock which go down well at our shows. Also ‘Wait for You’ which packs a lot of emotion from start to finish.

So the album is out on Jan 29th. What are the plans around that?

We’re putting on an album launch show on 18th December at the Slade Rooms in Wolverhampton. At the show fans will have a chance to buy the album before its general release, we will be performing all of the tracks from the album for the very first time, along with a few surprises.

And on the live front, what do you expect for 2016?

We’re currently planning a headline UK tour for March/April, which will just be excellent. It will include us playing HRH United mid-March, so we can’t wait to take All In Time out to the Broken Army and hopefully swell its numbers. We are also booked to play some great festivals, including Upload Festival on 14th May, Wildfire Festival 24th – 26th June and RockWich Festival on 28th August. I’m sure we will add more too.

Which bands would like to tour with?

We’d like to tour with bands that suit our sound, so Black Stone Cherry would be a great band to tour with, also getting on the same bill as Theory of a Deadman and Shinedown would be pretty exciting. And I think their fans would be into our music too.

Ok, time for some off the cuff quick-fire Qs

Vampires or lycans?

Are these new age Twilight Vampires or Classic Vampires? If its new age I’ll go with Vampires because Robert Patterson is sooooo dreamy !

Batman or Superman?

Batman, he has cool gadgets.

Marvel or DC?

Have to say DC, DC has better villains, and everyone loves a great villain.

Cadillac Three or Blackberry Smoke?

Ah both very good bands but have to say Cadillac Three

Birmingham or London?

As a band we love to play London, who doesn’t? And it is the home of the Queen. But shows close to home are always special so I’ll would have to say Birmingham.

The return of Phil Collins – good or bad?

Good! In fact very good !

Myles Kennedy or Axel Rose?

Myles Kennedy

Han Solo or Luke Skywalker?

Han Solo, he owns the Millenium Falcon.

Is there anything you’d like to share with our readers before we sign off?

Thank you to everyone for all your support to date, we can’t wait for you all to hear our album and we’ll be announcing our UK tour real soon so do please come along and say hi. If you sign up at our website, you will be the first to know everything as it happens –

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You can but Stay All Night at all good digital music stores.